Town of Wareham

The Town of Wareham, Massachusetts engaged BG to develop an integrated rebranding campaign to help position the town as a destination for both families, businesses and tourists in place of their pre-existing perception as just a passthrough on the way to Cape Cod.

After conducting multiple discovery sessions with key stakeholders and residents of Wareham, the BG team developed an integrated marketing campaign featuring a new logo and tagline for the town. Additionally, the BG creative team launched a new website solely dedicated for the campaign to highlight why families and businesses should move to Wareham in addition to why Wareham is a great vacation destination for tourists.

Once the campaign collateral was developed, BG launched the campaign with a media relations effort in addition to an influencer campaign on social media, resulting in 21 media hits, 2,539 social media engagements and 95,098 impressions.

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